Do What You Love.

I'm the girl that got picked on at school, that got took advantage of by older guys, that tries too always look happy. But at the end of the day, I turn into the girl that cries herself to sleep, that lets the things those people say, or do effect her. I have been a cutter for around seven years, and I still find it the only way to express myself. How else can I? It's okay if you don't understand nobody ever does, but don't judge me until you take a long look in the mirror. We are all the same in some way, we all fight a battle, whatever it may be. We don't always win when we deserve to. We're just people, you are just a person, I am just a person. Everyone needs to take five minutes everyday and realize that, we all make mistakes, we all have flaws, because were human. No one person is better then any other person. To the people that think they're better, you're the reason some person somewhere is starving themselves, making themselves sick, mutilating their body, or drinking themselves under the table. Take five minutes, and remember who you are, who they are. JUST. A. PERSON.
<3 honestly, if anyone ever needs someone to talk to:; text me 727.242.0074. i'll be there even if nobody else is..

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